ELA课程与共同核心标准一致. 日常, 学生们努力学习自然拼读, 阅读, 语法, and writing through a readers and writers model using McGraw Hill Wonders program.

成功的图标 识别并打印大写和小写字母

成功的图标 Recognize consonant letter sounds…beginning, middle, and ending

成功的图标 识别和发音短元音单词

成功的图标  混合声音来形成单词

成功的图标  可解码的读书

成功的图标  读42个单词并创造押韵的单词

成功的图标  识别对立

成功的图标  解释因果关系

成功的图标  得出结论

成功的图标  区分真实和虚构

成功的图标  Identify story details (plot, setting, characters, main idea)

成功的图标  把名词、动词和形容词分类

成功的图标  识别陈述句、疑问句和感叹句

成功的图标  写出以大写字母开头的句子

成功的图标  用标点符号结束句子

成功的图标  在单词之间显示适当的间距


数学课程与共同核心标准保持一致. Students build number sense and 流利 each day using McGraw-Hill My Math. 目标不仅仅是传授事实和数据, 还要有更高层次的思考和解决问题的能力.

成功的图标  识别数字到100

成功的图标  复制、创建和扩展模式

成功的图标  创建、阅读和解释图表

成功的图标  确定集

成功的图标  使用操纵手段解决故事问题

成功的图标  Sort objects by color, shape, size, taller, shorter, heavier, and lighter

成功的图标  Identify and write shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, cone, cylinder ,and sphere)

成功的图标  识别硬币(便士,镍币,一角币)

成功的图标  从1、5、10数到100

The sa真人 一年级 is designed to teach the whole child. We work collaboratively to grow socially, academically, and emotionally. 的经验, 理解, and interests that each child brings to the classroom are used to strengthen 理解 and further academic investigations.


ELA课程与共同核心标准一致. 日常, at least two periods of the students’ day are dedicated to further developing oral vocabulary, 看字读音, 理解, 流利, 语法, 和写作技巧.

成功的图标  Continue to build students’ repertoire of high-frequency words (sight words).

成功的图标  研究文学元素:押韵、重复和头韵

成功的图标  识别和描述各种类型的文本.

成功的图标  在阅读年级水平的文章时运用理解技巧.

成功的图标  Compare and contrast multiple texts that pertain to the same topic.

成功的图标  巩固字母与声音的对应关系,包括混音, 有向图, 双元音, 发音的字母, 还有长元音组合.

成功的图标  让文本到文本,文本到自我,文本到世界连接起来.

成功的图标  Differentiate between parts of speech (common/proper nouns, verb tenses, pronouns, adjectives)

成功的图标  Identify components of story plots (cause and effect, problem and solution, sequence)

成功的图标  Compose narrative, explanatory, informational, and opinion writing pieces.

成功的图标  Continue to develop an understanding of writing mechanics such as capitalization, 标点符号, 和收缩.


数学课程与共同核心标准保持一致. Students work to continue to solidify number sense and 流利. Students are challenged to utilize higher-level thinking and their problem solving skills when working with place value, time, 钱, 几何, 和组织, 代表, 和解释数据.

成功的图标  Represent and solve problems involving subtraction and addition.

成功的图标  Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.

成功的图标  在20以内做加减运算.

成功的图标  做加法和减法应用题.

成功的图标  将计数序列从100扩展到120.

成功的图标  理解位值(1、10和100)

成功的图标  Compare and contrast numbers by analyzing the numbers in the 1’s, 10’s, 100’s place

成功的图标  运用位值理解在100以内进行加减运算.

成功的图标  间接测量长度,使用固定的测量单位.

成功的图标  Tell and write time in hours and half hours with analog and digital clocks.

成功的图标  使用各种类型的图表表示和解释数据.

成功的图标  用3D和2D形状及其属性进行推理.


The sa真人 课程 being taught at the second grade level follows the Common Core State Standard (CCSS).  学生学习适合发展的概念.  The curriculum allows for a deep understanding of the “big ideas” in all content areas.


适合二年级学生, the ELA instruction focuses on developing literacy and proficiency in language arts with a goal to become lifelong readers and confident writers.  sa真人官方网站目前使用的是McGraw Hill Wonders阅读课程.  With the use of this program the students are able to read with accuracy and 流利 to help support their 理解. Students are able to apply their basic knowledge and apply it to help them ask questions and clarify answers. They learn different strategies to help them analyze various types of literature seen throughout the series.  学生们在学年里写各种各样的作文.  They learn to use reference materials to help support their writing.  The students in second grade learn to give and follow multiple-step directions.

The second grade curriculum focuses on the following key areas of ELA:

成功的图标  文学和信息文本的理解.

成功的图标  词汇习得与使用.

成功的图标  使用文本功能来获取明确的信息.

成功的图标  起草、编辑和修改文本.

成功的图标 掌握标准英语语言的惯例.


学生的数学项目与中国社会科学院是一致的. The curriculum involves the use of technology as well as real life problems.  The students will build upon knowledge and skills learned in previous grade to help them build the foundation in second grade. The materials used in second grade math is the McGraw Hill My Math series.  Students have access to manipulatives and computer software that are supplemental to the curriculum.

The second grade curriculum focuses on the following key areas in Mathematics:

成功的图标  位值

成功的图标  加法和减法

成功的图标  数据和操作

成功的图标  测量和时间

成功的图标  几何

成功的图标  钱


ELA课程与国家共同核心标准一致.  Every week the children will study and develop their abilities in several key areas through the readers and writers workshop model using the McGraw Hill Wonders program.

成功的图标  词汇表

成功的图标  看字读音

成功的图标  理解

成功的图标  语法




数学课程与州立共同核心标准保持一致. sa真人官方网站使用McGraw-Hill我的数学程序.  新年伊始 students review second grade concepts for addition, subtraction, and place value.  As the year progresses the new concepts students learn about are:

成功的图标  乘法

成功的图标  部门

成功的图标  Time

成功的图标  Area

成功的图标  周长

成功的图标  形状(分类、分区)

成功的图标  数轴上的分数

成功的图标  等值分数


The 4年级 ELA课程与国家共同核心标准一致.  Every week the children will study an essential question and enduring understanding for the unit. 学生们努力发展他们在几个关键领域的能力. 4th grade uses the McGraw Hill Wonders program as well as elements of the readers and writers workshop model to challenge students abilities.

成功的图标  词汇表: Focuses on essential grade level appropriate vocabulary

成功的图标  全组语篇与小组语篇理解

成功的图标 语法

成功的图标  写作 Units of Study Include:  Opinion, Personal Narrative, Informational

成功的图标  阅读流畅性与耐力:全组与小组

成功的图标  四年级数学

数学课程与州立共同核心标准保持一致. sa真人官方网站使用McGraw-Hill我的数学程序, along with the implementation of IXL online assignments.  新年伊始, students review third grade concepts for place value and the four primary operations with multi-digit numbers.  As the year progresses, students will learn the following concepts:

成功的图标  代表等值分数

成功的图标  对分数进行操作

成功的图标  小数点数值制

成功的图标  度量单位

成功的图标  面积和周长

成功的图标  几何术语与关系